Core Fee Letter

College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Dean

July 24, 2013

Dear Life Sciences PI,

All principal investigators who reside in the LSRB and principal investigators who reside in other UAlbany facilities and wish to use the Core Facilities in the LSRB are required to pay the Core Facility fee and must provide grant account numbers by July 1. This policy will help to ensure that Core Facilities remain available and operational. The Core fee year begins on July 1.

• In the unusual circumstance that a principal investigator lacks current funding, s/he can apply to the Director of Life Sciences for an exemption to the fee for up to one year.

• To do so, the faculty member would start by meeting with his/her chair to discuss the problem.

• If there appears to be a strong possibility that a pending application may get funded, the chair should write to the Director of Life Sciences and advocate for a one-year exemption.

• All exemption requests will be reviewed by the Director of Life Sciences who may seek further consultation with the department chair.

• Exemption requests will be based on:
1) The applicant’s track record to garner external funding
2) Currently pending grant application(s)
3) Review of the most recent Summary Statement by the grant review panel
4) Ongoing graduate student research The Director of Life Sciences will make his/her recommendation for an exemption to the CAS Dean. If the exemption is granted by the Dean, the principal investigator’s fees will be covered by the college and the principal investigator may continue using the LSRB Core Facility for up to one year. If the principal investigator receives funding within the year, he/she would pay the prorated fee for the remainder of the year.

• Should the need arise for a second-year exemption, the principal investigator must pay the Core fee. This may be from funds provided by the department, via a FRAP award or through bridge funding from the VP for Research. It will be up to the investigator to pursue these sources of funding. Failing any of those options, the principal investigator can choose to pay the Core fee using personal resources.

• Two years is the maximum time an investigator can be supported without grant funding. For any use of the Cores after two years, s/he will be responsible for paying for the Core fees from his/her own resources.


Marlene Belfort
Life Sciences Scientific Director


Edelgard Wulfert
Dean and Professor of Psychology
Collins Fellow