Life Sciences Core Facility Policies

The Life Sciences Cores are common use facilities designed to support and aid research programs of University at Albany scientists with the understanding that individuals who use the equipment are properly trained and considerate of other users.

1. The annual lump sum rate for use of these core facilities will be $3000.

2. Core facilities provided will include the following:

Chemistry Core
Molecular Core
Tissue Core
Animal Core (Animal Care per diems are not included)

3. The core rate will include neither technician’s time nor consumable materials.

4. The core rate does not include DNA sequencing, use of the Solvent Purification system, or animal care per diems, or technician time.

5. All users of core facility equipment must be trained or supervised by one of the Core Facility directors: Dr. Kim DeWeerd (Molecular Core) or Dr. Vladimir Ermolenkov (Structural Core).

6. Unsupervised use (after training is completed) of core facility equipment is limited to Principal Investigators, Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students.

7. Undergraduate students are not permitted to operate the core equipment unaccompanied by either a trained Principal Investigator, Postdoctoral Fellow or graduate student and never outside of the normal core operating hours of 8AM to 5PM.

8. All users must complete the requested information on the signup sheets indicating the name of the operator and time of operation.  These sheets can also be used to reserve, in advance, specific access times.

9. Equipment must not be removed from the core laboratories without specific permission of either Kim or Vladimir.

10. Never leave the core facility doors open or unlocked after 5 pm or on weekends as this facilitates unauthorized access. 

11. NOTE: Any damage to equipment or loss of equipment is the financial responsibility of the Principal Investigator.