Water Purification

For access or consultation: Dr. Kim DeWeerd 591-8831 or kdeweerd@albany.edu

The Molecular Core has one Barnstead Nanopure Diamond ultrapure water system and one Barnstead MP-11A Mega Pure water purification system.

Using water purified of biological, organic and inorganic contaminants is essential for the preparation of buffers, medium and reagents used in culturing cells, enzymatic or chemical assays and analytical procedures.

Specific Description:
The Barnstead Nanopure Diamond ultrapure water system is connected to the buildings reverse osmosis purified water source and uses a four-stage deionization process combined with a UV lamp, an ultrafilter and a 0.2 micron filter to polish feed water to produce pyrogen-free, low TOC water with a resistivity of up to 18.2 MΩ-cm. The Barnstead MP-11A is a glass still that removes inorganic solids, organics with boiling points higher than water, bacteria and pyrogens producing water with a resistivity of 1-10 MΩ−cm.

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Barnstead Nanopure Diamond
Barnstead MP-11A Still

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