GE Typhoon Trio or 9400 Laser Imagers

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The Molecular Core has one GE Typhoon Trio Laser Imager and one GE Typhoon 9400 Laser Imager.

Many of the steps involved in the isolation or identification of specific macromolecules involves separation and isolation procedures on gels or blots. These macromolecules are sometimes labelled with radioactivity to increase their detection at very low concentrations. These imagers (phosphoimagers) are capable of measuring the amount of radioactivity from an imprinted phosphor screen that was incubated with the radioactive gel or blot. The imagers can also be used to measure fluorescence and chemoluminescence of macromolecules labelled with fluorescent dyes and luminescent enzymes or reagents, respectively.

Specific Description:
The Typhoon Trio imager uses either a green (532), red (633) or blue laser (488) to excite the imprinted phosphor screen or fluorescently labelled macromolecules for scanning. The Typhoon 9400 uses the same three lasers plus a high energy blue laser (457). The emission filters that can be used for specific dyes are 390 (phosphoimaging), 520,526,555,560,580,610 and 670 nm. This allows the use of a broad range of fluorescent dyes to use in one’s detection method. Scanning procedures and methods are set up on the computer software as well as analysis and quantitation.

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