ABI Veriti & ABI 2720 Thermocyclers

For access or consultation: Dr. Kim DeWeerd 591-8831 or kdeweerd@albany.edu

The Molecular Core has three ABI 2720 PCR thermocyclers and one ABI Veriti thermocycler.

PCR thermocyclers are programmable heating blocks that are designed to run the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), but can be used for other heating and cooling applications. The PCR reaction increases exponentially the amount of specific DNA sequences resulting in a billion-fold increase in the concentration of the target sequence. It can aid in the cloning, identification and sequencing of genomic or plasmid genes.

Specific Description:
The heating blocks on all of the PCR thermocyclers can accommodate 96 well plates, 8 and 12 strip tubes and single vials. They can heat or cool samples in the range of 4 °C to 100 °C and all have heated covers to eliminate condensation of reagents. Each PCR thermocycler can be programed with multiple heating and cooling cycles and lowered to 4 °C to stop the reaction and preserve the products. The ABI Veriti has six separate heating blocks that allow users to perform heat gradients across 96 well plates

For More Information:
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Instrument Photographs:
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