Ilumina NextSeq 500 High Throughput Sequencer

The Molecular Core facility will coordinate with the CFG to provide consultation on experimental design and library preparation of samples prior to sequencing on the NextSeq 500 by the CFG.

For consultation on library preparation, experimental design and sequencing, you may contact Dr. Kim DeWeerd 591-8831 in the Life Sciences Molecular Core, or Dr. Sridar Chittur, Center for Functional Genomics (518) 591-7215

The Molecular Core has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Center for Functional Genomics to obtain High Throughput sequencing on the Illumina NextSeq 500 at discounted rates.
More information about High Throughput sequencing instrumentation

High Throughput Sequencing is a method to sequence extremely large amounts of DNA such as genomic DNA sequences, transcriptomes, exomes and targeted resequencing.

Specific Description:
The Illumina Nextseq 500 has flow cells that provide either mid or high output data sets. The mid output kits result in either 2 x 75 bp or 2 x 150 bp fragments that produce sequences up to 19.5 Gb or 39 Gb, respectively. The high output flow kits results in 1 x 75 bp, 2 x75 bp or 2 x 150 bp fragments that produce sequences up to 30 Gb, 60 Gb or 120 Gb, respectively.

UA Pricing Schedule for Next Gen Sequencing Services