BioRad Pathfinder and NGC Quest 10 FPLCs

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The Molecular Core has one BioRad Pathfinder FPLC and one NGC Quest 10 FPLC.

Fast Protein Liquid Chromatographs (FPLC) are systems that pump specific buffers through a variety of Chromatography columns designed to separate, analyze and purify macromolecules including DNA, RNA and Protein.

Specific Description:
Both FPLC systems have two pumps that allow either one (isocratic) or two buffers to be blended to separate macromolecules on solid support columns. The columns can separate macromolecules based on their chemical and physical characteristics such as molecular weight, acidity, alkalinity, hydrophobicity, affinity to specific resins, etc. The samples that are introduced to the system through an injection port and separated on the column are then detected using an in-line spectrophotometer. The pH and conductivity of the buffer is also monitored throughout the chromatography procedure and the separated macromolecules are isolated in a fraction collector. The Pathfinder can be used for either preparative or analytical purposes as it has one buffer valve and two inlet tubes for each pump for a total of seven different buffers that can be switched using the systems software. It has two interchangeable spectrophotometer lamps that allow detection in the ultraviolet and visible light ranges. It has two column switching valves that allow up to eight different columns to be connected on the system to facilitate separation on different columns during purification or analysis. The NGC Quest 10 is designed primarily for preparative FPLC. It can use up to four buffers, one column and its spectrophotometer measures at either 255nm or 280nm.

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