Electrophoresis Apparatuses

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The Molecular Core has several horizontal electrophoresis cells, two vertical electrophoresis cells, one semi-dry blotting apparatus, a bioanalyzer and several power supplies.

Electrophoresis is used to separate DNA, RNA and proteins based on charge and molecular weight. The macromolecules are loaded on prepared gels made primarily of agarose or polyacrylamide. High voltage current is passed through the gels to move the charged molecules. The distance that they move in the gel is proportional on their overall charge and molecular weight. Blotting is used to transfer macromolecules separated on gels to special paper producing a copy of the gel. The paper is then analyzed further to identify specific macromolecules of interest.

Specific Description:
The horizontal electrophoresis units are BioRad Mini-Sub Cell GT systems, a BioRad Sub Cell GT system and a Lonza Flash gel apparatus. The vertical electrophoresis units are two ATTO Duel Mini Slab PAGE systems. The Blotting apparatus is a BioRad Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Transfer Station. The Power supplies are BioRad PowerPac Basic and PowerPac High Current. In addition the Molecular Core has a BioRad Experion Bioanalyzer that does electrophoresis of DNA, RNA or Protein on microfluidic chips.

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Instrument Photographs:
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