Eppendorf Clinical Centrifuges

For access or consultation: Dr. Kim DeWeerd 591-8831 or kdeweerd@albany.edu

The Molecular Core Facility has three refrigerated clinical centrifuges (5810R) and one clinical centrifuge without refrigeration (5810).

Clinical centrifuges are used for a variety of separations, but primarily to pellet cells from medium using relatively low g forces (3220 x g). Another common use is to spin membrane devices that separate macromolecules based on size.

Specific Description:
These centrifuges are equipped with swinging bucket holders that accommodate either 4 round or 4 rectangular shaped holders. The rectangular shaped holders can be used to spin multi-well plates, 15 ml culture tubes or 50 ml culture tubes. The round holders are used to spin either 15 ml culture tubes or 50 ml culture tubes. Each rectangular holder can support three 50 ml tubes, nine 15 ml tubes or one multi-well plate. Each round holder can support seven 50 ml tubes or fourteen 15 ml tubes.