Biotek Synergy HT and H1 Microplate Readers

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The Molecular Core has one Biotek Synergy HT and one Biotek Synergy H1 Microplate Reader.

Microplate readers are used to measure absorbance, fluorescence or chemoluminescence in microplates that contain multiple wells. These can be used to quantify concentrations of molecules and macromolecules, measure enzyme activity, monitor cell binding and measure time resolved fluorescence.

Specific Description:
The Synergy Microplate Readers can measure absorbance, fluorescence or chemoluminescence on microplates from 6 wells up to 384 wells. End point measurements and kinetic type measurements are possible. The absorbance of up to six different wavelengths can be measured consecutively or the absorbance spectra from 200 nm to 999 nm can be determined. Fluorescence excitation wavelengths range from 300-650 nm and emission wavelengths range from 300-700 nm. The fluorescence filters that we have for the Synergy HT are: 400, 460, 485, 528, 530, 540, 590 and 645 nm. The Synergy H1 has a monochromator, instead of filters, for fluorescence allowing direct input of specific excitation and emission wavelengths. The Synergy H1 has two injectors that allow additions to sample wells while inside the instrument which are beneficial for special reagents and rapid kinetic reactions. Data is collected and extensively analyzed using the instrument software and can be exported to Microsoft Excel.


Instrument Photographs:
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