Beckman-Coulter Avanti J-E Centrifuges

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The Molecular Core Facility has two Avanti J-E Centrifuges.

Centrifugation is a process where samples are spun at very high speeds to create gravitational forces (g force) great enough to precipitate cells, organelles and insoluble components in a mixture.

Specific Description:
These floor model centrifuges are used for medium speed centrifugation. Volumes from less than 10 milliliters up to 3 liters can be prepared in these centrifuges depending on the rotor used.

Available Rotors in the Molecular Core Facility

Fixed Angle Rotors

Rotor Max (rpm) Max (g force) Tube/bottle size Capacity
JA-10 10,000 17,000 250 ml 6
JA-12 12,000 17,400 50 ml 12
JA-14 14,000 18,900 250 ml 6
JA-20 20,000 31,400 50 ml 8
JA-20.1 20,000 47,900 15 ml 32
JA-25.5 25,000 51,200 50 ml 8

Swinging Bucket Rotors

JS-13.1 13,000 17,200 50 ml 6

Avanti JE Brochure
Avanti JE Operation Manual