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New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

This grant program for New York State residents who are full-time undergraduate students enrolled in an eligible program at an institution within the state currently provides for annual awards ranging from $500 to $5,165 or tuition, whichever is less. Awards are based on the family’s New York State net taxable income. If more than one member of the family is attending an approved post-secondary educational institution on a full-time basis, the net taxable income figure is reduced by $3,000 for the second person when the applicant’s TAP award is computed and $2,000 for each additional student.

Undergraduate students may receive TAP for four years of full-time study. Students enrolled in approved five-year programs or in State sponsored opportunity programs may receive undergraduate aid for five years.

Legal Residence

To satisfy residency requirements, the student must be a legal resident of New York State. Legal residence means that the student currently resides in New York State and intends to make the state his/her permanent home. The act of living within the state's boundaries is, in itself, an insufficient demonstration of residency. The student must present evidence of having established a domicile or permanent place of abode in New York State. Living in New York State solely to attend a college or other postsecondary institution does not, in itself, establish legal residence. If the student is financially dependent upon his/her parents, HESC presumes the student's legal residence to be that of the parents. If the parents are separated or divorced, HESC presumes the legal residence to be that of the parent who has been awarded custody (or who would have been awarded custody if the student were a minor). If the student's parents reside out of state, as reported on the FASFA, HESC presumes the student resides out of state. Note: Legislation has been enacted, effective with 2005-06 academic year waiving the residency requirements for members of the armed forces (and their spouses and dependents) stationed on full-time active duty in New York State. Contact HESC for more information.


Students must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen by the first day of classes to be eligible for a NYS award in that term.

Full Time Status

Full-time status is defined as enrollment for at least 12 credits in courses applicable to the student's program of study for a term of at least 15 weeks. The only exception is in the student's final term of study: if the student needs fewer than 12 credits to complete the program, other courses may be included to determine full-time status even if not required to complete graduation requirements.

Applicable Courses

To count in the determination of the student’s minimum full-time or part-time course load, a course must apply to the student’s program as a general education requirement, a major requirement, or elective (whether restricted or free elective).

Academic Progress Requirements for New York State Aid
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Credits from repeating a course do not count towards the TAP full-time requirement. [More Information]

Summer TAP

At UAlbany, enrollment for the summer term is always considered accelerated study. In addition to meeting general TAP eligibility criteria, you must have passed at least 24 credits in the prior fall and spring terms while enrolled in a degree program at UAlbany to receive an award for accelerated study. The 24 semester hours must be credits earned at UAlbany and applicable to your program of study. Transfer credits cannot be used to meet this requirement. The equivalent of three credits in non-credit remedial hours in each semester can be included to meet the 24-credit requirement.

Students must be enrolled full time in an approved program in New York State during the preceding spring term to be eligible for TAP for half-time accelerated study. You may receive up to 8 semesters (10 semesters if you are in the EOP program) of TAP as an undergraduate student. You must be enrolled for at least 6 credits to receive a TAP award for the summer term. Students who are disabled, as defined by the 1990 federal Americans with Disabilities Act, are eligible for a partial TAP award if they are attending at least three credits, meet all other TAP eligibility requirements, and are registered with the UAlbany Disability Resource Center.

A half-time summer TAP award (6 to 11 credits) will use a half semester of your TAP eligibility. A full-time summer TAP award (12+ credits) will use a full semester of your eligibility. Using summer TAP counts toward the total number of payments you may receive. As a result, you could exhaust your TAP eligibility before completing your academic program.

You must meet NYS good academic standing requirements at the end of the summer term to be eligible for TAP in subsequent term(s). If you receive a summer TAP award and fail or drop summer classes, you may jeopardize your eligibility for TAP in subsequent term(s). Information about good academic standing is available on the Academic Requirements of the UAlbany Financial Aid website.

Visit www.hesc.org to view the status of your TAP application, submit a TAP application, or to add the summer term to your existing TAP application. The UAlbany undergraduate college code is 0895. If you have questions regarding how summer TAP may affect your financial aid, you are encouraged to contact the Student Financial Center.

Part-Time TAP

Part-time undergraduate students at approved institutions in New York State who were first-time freshman in academic year 2006-07 or thereafter, may be eligible for Part-time TAP to help pay for college. Students who have attended college and/or received TAP prior to academic year 2006-07 are ineligible.

Part-time TAP is an entitlement program that uses up TAP eligibility (a maximum of 48 points for four years of full-time or eight years of part-time undergraduate study or 60 points for students enrolled in approved five-year programs).

In addition to the general eligibility criteria that apply to all State award programs, certain requirements are specific to the Part-time TAP program. To be eligible, students must:

  • Be matriculated and enrolled in an approved undergraduate program at SUNY, CUNY, or an independent (not-for-profit) NYS institution
  • Be enrolled for at least 6 but fewer than 12 semester hour credits or the equivalent
  • Have earned 12 credits in each of two consecutive prior semesters (credits from New York State not-for-profit institutions only); a full-time summer term can be used to meet the prior study requirement
  • Maintain a C average and meet good academic standing requirements
  • Meet income eligibility limitations (income limits are the same as for TAP)

A student must meet the 24-semester credit prior study requirement only once to be eligible for Part-time TAP.

A Part-time TAP award is based on the full-time tuition charge and prorated for the number of credits the student is taking.

Note: The "C average" for Part-time TAP is an eligibility requirement that cannot be waived using the C average waiver.

High School Graduation Requirement for NYS Grants and Scholarships

To be eligible for any state-sponsored grant or scholarship award, including TAP, students must meet the U.S. high school graduation requirement.

If you were graduated from a recognized high school located within the United States, or the recognized equivalent, submit your:

  • Official final high school transcript with graduation date noted;
  • High School Equivalency diploma (TASC/GED);

Have your high school send your official final transcript with graduation date noted to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
University at Albany
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12222

If you were not graduated from a recognized high school in the U.S., contact the Student Financial Center for more information.

Recognized equivalents to a U.S. high school diploma are:

  • A TASC/GED test score certificate showing passing scores.

Important TAP Dates

TAP Application Deadline The NYSHESC TAP application deadline is June 30 of the academic year for which aid is sought.
Spring 2018
TAP Dates
Student Action
January 23, 2018 Students must meet good academic standing, citizenship, residency, and high school graduation requirements.
February 6, 2018 Before this date, Students who did not graduate from high school in the U.S. must earn passing scores on an approved ATB test.
February 20, 2018 Before this date, students must meet full-time study, matriculation, approved program, and tuition liability requirements.
March 7, 2018 Before this date, juniors must have a major declared.