Enroll in a payment plan


We developed an E-Payment Plan to help students and families meet financial obligations while attending UAlbany. This is not a loan program. It’s a way to minimize your debt by extending the payment period. 

Our payment plan splits your balance into four equal interest-free installments, which are due on fixed dates. You must enroll in the payment plan for each semester or term you intend to participate. 

Fall-Only Payment Plan

Enrollment deadline: October 15 

Installments due: August 15, September 15, October 15 and November 15 

Note: If you enroll in the Fall-Only Payment Plan and later decide to participate in a Spring plan, you’ll need to enroll separately in the Spring-Only Payment Plan. 

Fall and Spring Payment Plan

Enrollment deadline: October 15 

Fall installments due: August 15, September 15, October 15 and November 15 

Spring installments due: January 15, February 15, March 15 and April 15 

Note: When you enroll in this plan, you’ll be enrolled for the Fall semester immediately and automatically enrolled in the Spring semester plan when it opens in December. 

Spring-Only Payment Plan

Enrollment deadline: March 15 

Installments due: January 15, February 15, March 15 and April 15

Summer Payment Plan

Enrollment deadline: June 15 

Installments due: June 15 and July 15

If you enroll in a payment plan after one or more installment due dates, those installments are due when you enroll. There is also a non-refundable fee for enrolling in a payment plan that is $45 per spring or fall semester and $25 per summer term.  

Late installment payments are subject to late fees and student account holds. Charges from previous semesters or terms cannot be included in your payment plan. The University does not offer a Winter term plan. 

Your posted and anticipated financial aid are calculated into the plan, automatically reducing your installment amounts. Aid that is not listed on your student account as pending or anticipated aid will not be calculated into your payment plan but, once the aid is posted, the plan will recalculate new installment amounts. 

Find additional payment plan details on UAlbany’s E-Pay website.

How to Enroll 

Students, or their authorized users, can enroll in a payment plan. Make sure you have your UAlbany Net ID and password (the same credentials you use to sign into MyUAlbany), as well as your bank account or credit card information, handy. 

  1. Sign into E-Pay and select the “Payment Plans” tab. 
  2. Select “Enroll Now” and read the full plan description. 
  3. Select the correct semester. 
  4. Review payment plan terms and due dates.
  5. Follow prompts to complete enrollment.

After setting up you plan, you can go to “My Profiles” and sign up for text messages reminders for payment due dates.


Enroll in an E-Payment Plan