Tuition & Fees for International Students

A Valuable, Affordable College Degree 

Earning a college degree from the University at Albany is a smart investment in your future. That's because the value of your degree is determined not just by the education and career preparation you receive, but also by how much it costs to receive it.

As a public research university, UAlbany costs considerably less than most private institutions offering the same rigorous academic experience. 

International students are eligible for merit scholarships, fellowships and/or assistantships, so it’s possible that you’ll pay less to earn your degree than the total costs listed below.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by action of the SUNY Board of Trustees. 


Tuition & Fees for Full-Time Students 

Full-time tuition and fees cover 12 or more credits each semester. These charts show the cost of one semester or one academic year at UAlbany.

Note for graduate students: While enrolling in 9 credits is considered full-time for academic purposes, graduate students enrolled in less than 12 credits are charged for tuition on a per credit basis. See per-credit rates.

Type of StudentSpring 2024 TuitionSpring 2024 FeesTotal per SemesterTotal for Fall & Spring Semesters
Master of Business Administration (MBA)$12,440$2,396.13$14,836.13$30,093.28
Master of Social Work (MSW)$11,215$2,396.13$13,611.13$27,643.28
All other Master & PhD programs$11,780$2,396.13$14,176.13$28,773.28


Per-credit Tuition & Fees for Spring 2024

Students who enroll in fewer than 12 credits are charged at these per-credit rates. See detailed current and previous per-credit rate charts.

Note for graduate students: While enrolling in 9 credits is considered full-time for academic purposes, graduate students enrolled in less than 12 credits are charged for tuition on a per credit basis.

Number of CreditsTotal Undergraduate Tuition & FeesTotal MBA Tuition & FeesTotal MSW Tuition & FeesTotal Tuition & Fees for all other Masters & PhD Programs
1 credit$2,372.43$2,383.35$2,281.35$2,328.35
2 credits$3,536.23$3,513.07$3,309.07$3,403.07
3 credits$4,700.03$4,642.79$4,336.79$4,477.79
4 credits$5,863.83$5,772.51$5,364.51$5,552.51
5 credits$7,027.63$6,902.23$6,392.23$6,627.23
6 credits$8,487.18$8,061.95$7,449.95$7,731.95
7 credits$9,650.98$9,191.67$8,477.67$8,806.67
8 credits$10,814.78$10,321.39$9,505.39$9,881.39
9 credits$12,111.46$11,451.11$10,533.11$10,956.11
10 credits$13,275.26$12,580.83$11,560.83$12,030.83
11 credits$14,439.06$13,710.55$12,588.55$13,105.55


Additional Information about Fees

Learn more about the campus services covered by student fees.

International Health Insurance Fee: International health insurance is mandatory for international students, as well as scholars on F and J visas. This fee provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, generally incurred off-campus, arising from covered accidents and sicknesses. For further information and to learn about eligibility for insurance waivers, please visit the International Student & Scholar Services website.

Medical Evacuation Fee: This fee is mandatory for international students, as well as scholars on F and J visas. It provides medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.

SEVIS Fee: This fee is mandatory for international students and scholars on F and J visas. It supports compliance with federal mandates for reporting and tracking international students and scholars, and is non-refundable for course withdrawals bearing an official drop/withdrawal date of the first day of the semester or later. The University's SEVIS Fee should not be confused with the $200 SEVIS Fee paid by visa applicants. For further information, please visit the International Student & Scholar Services website.

Student-Alumni Partnership Fee: The fees listed above include the optional Student-Alumni Partnership Fee. To opt-out of this $30 fee, please complete the Student-Alumni Partnership Opt-Out Request every semester.  

New Student Fee: The fee totals listed above do not include the one-time New Student Fee — $265 for freshmen and $125 for transfer students — charged to all new undergraduate students. 

Course Fees: Students who register for select courses — such as certain lab and art classes — will be charged course fees, which are solely used to support the additional costs for materials, supplies and special services related to the course. Please visit the Per-credit Tuition Rates page for specific course fees.


Housing & Food

To truly enjoy and experience life on an American university campus, undergraduate students are required to live on campus for their first two years.

On-Campus HousingMeal PlanTotal

Housing costs listed above are based on a Quads Standard Double for a full academic year. Visit the Residential Life website for additional room options and rates.  

Meal plan costs listed above are based on a myUnlimited Meal Plan Number 1 for a full academic year. Visit the UAlbany Dining website for additional meal plan options and rates.

Financial Aid
Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

The University at Albany Global Excellence Scholarships are awarded to incoming international students based on academic achievement as well as other qualifications, as determined by the admissions committee.  

These scholarships are renewable, provided that the student maintains a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and remains continuously enrolled as a full-time student at the University at Albany, paying out-of-state tuition. 

Visit the International Admissions website for more information, including maximum scholarship awards available to incoming first-year students and incoming transfer students.

Fellowships, Assistantships & Scholarships for Graduate Students

The University offers a limited number of graduate fellowships; teaching, research or administrative assistantships; traineeships; and tuition scholarships on a merit basis to qualified matriculated graduate students.  

As these awards and positions are administered by the appropriate Graduate Department offering the graduate programs, inquiries regarding availability and qualifications should be directed to the academic department of interest.

A small number of assistantships and tuition scholarships are additionally available through University administrative offices and the Office of Residential Life.  

Visit the Graduate School's Funding Graduate Study page for detailed information.

Note: If you are receiving a Graduate Tuition Scholarship and it is not listed on your financial aid award letter, please contact the appropriate Graduate Department.  

Have questions? 

Contact Student Financial Services at [email protected] or 518-442-3202 for a consultation.