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The Financial Literacy Toolkit

Financial Literacy is the possession of knowledge and the ability to make informed, effective decisions about personal finance, debt, and savings.

The University at Albany is committed to helping students reach their personal goals and preparing them for life after college. The financial decisions you make as a student will have lasting consequences. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the financial process and make informed financial decisions.


How Much Does it Cost?


Understanding Types Financial Aid

How to Apply for Federal Financial Aid

Understanding The Financial Aid Process

Create Your FSA ID To Electronically Sign The FAFSA

What To Do If You Forget Your FSA ID Name

What To Do If I Forgot My FSA ID Password

How to apply for New York State Aid

UAlbany Scholarships

Student Borrowing

Parent Borrowing

Funding the financial gap

When financial aid will disburse (FAO)

  • Student Is Registered
  • All To-Do Items Are Complete
  • Verification Review Is Complete
  • UAlbany has received funds from the funding source.
  • Aid Disbursement Order - Loans, Federal Grants, Scholarships, NYS Grants, Work-Study (Bi-Weekly)


Empowered Financial Planning. Smart money management is key to a bright financial future. From banking and budgeting to identifying theft and student loans, learn what you need to know.


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