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Accepting Awards

Most financial aid awards require an acceptance decision by the aid recipient before the aid can be processed further.

Accept Offered Aid Through MyUAlbany

UAlbany students accept, reduce and decline their financial aid awards online through MyUAlbany

Students can change the amount of an award initially accepted or request the reinstatement of a declined award by contacting the Student Financial Center. Reinstatement of Campus Based Federal Aid (Federal Work Study, Federal Perkins) will depend on availability of funding.  Reinstated award offers require acceptance through MyUAlbany.

Award Requirements

Students who applied for financial aid and have not received a financial aid award should check for the following:

  • Did you file the FAFSA for the correct aid year?
  • Did you list the UAlbany federal school code 002835 on your FAFSA application?
  • Did the Financial Aid Office send you an email or letter requesting information after you filed your FAFSA?
  • Do you have "To-Do" Items listed under Important Notices on MyUAlbany?
  • Did you send requested information back to the Financial Aid Office?
  • If your FAFSA was "rejected", did you do what you needed to fix it?
  • Have you registered/pre-registered for 6 or more credits?
  • Are you matriculated in a degree program?
  • Do you have an Albany.edu email address listed on MyUAlbany?
  • Does your email spam filter block email messages from Albany.edu?
  • Do you have the correct permanent address listed for yourself on MyUAlbany?
  • Did you receive a letter regarding "Satisfactory Academic Progress"?

Please be sure to check your MyUAlbany Important Items after you accept your financial aid award.

Financial Aid Refunds

When students receive more financial aid than their University charges, the extra funds are paid to the student (or parent for PLUS loan) as a refund.  Financial aid, including loans, will be used first to pay student account charges. A refund will be issued only if their is a credit after charges are paid.

Students should be financially prepared to meet any non-University expenses at the start of the term.

Refund Facts

  • Refunds may not be available until the start of classes.
  • Students may receive several smaller refunds, rather than a single large refund.
  • Refunds will depend on the status of the student's financial aid.
  • Students may not receive their complete refund until two to six weeks after the start of the term.
  • Students are responsible for paying any additional charges incurred after receiving their refund.

Refund Tips

  • Be sure their are no holds on your Student Account and your financial aid application is complete.
  • Regularly check and complete your MyUAlbany Important Items list.
  • External scholarships should be mailed by mid-July to: Student Accounts, Campus Center G-26, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222.
  • Sign up for an "e-refund" on epay.albany.edu to transmit refunds electronically to a specified bank account.
  • For students requiring funds for academic purchases, such as books and supplies, upon request University Auxiliary Services will advance up to $650 against your Student Account on a Podium account the first two weeks of each semester. Visit www.albany.edu/uas for details.
  • Graduate students with a tuition scholarship should be registered for the total credits covered by the scholarship by July 8 (and December 1 for spring) and consult with the academic department to be sure your scholarship has been posted and paperwork forwarded to Human Resources.