CAS in Literacy Admissions

In addition to the University at Albany's general requirements for admission to graduate study, we expect that candidates for the CAS in Literacy will possess the following:

  • Have successfully completed a master's program that prepares students for teaching.
  • A permanent or professional teaching certificate.
  • Experience teaching in PreK-Grade 12 schools or other educational settings.
  • Demonstrated ability to engage successfully in advanced literacy studies.

Applications to the program are accepted at any time during the academic year. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate study, three letters of recommendation, and a written response to theĀ Departmental Questionnaire are required. Recent scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GREs) are recommended but are not required. An on-site interview may be necessary as part of the application process. Applications are reviewed by Department faculty. Typically, it takes about a month from the time that a completed application is received in the Department until a decision is reached.