Chemistry Chair
Alexander Shekhtman
Professor and Chair
Life Sciences 1149
Chemistry Faculty
Jeremy I. Feldblyum
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
ETEC 0237
Igor Lednev
Distinguished Professor
Life Sciences 1107
Rabi Ann Musah
Associate Vice Provost for Learning Commons; Professor
Chemistry 222
Marina Petrukhina
Carla Rizzo Delray Professor of Chemistry
ETEC 0239
Paul Toscano
Associate Professor and Director, Undergraduate Program
Chemistry 310
Ting Wang
Assistant Professor
Chemistry 309A
John Welch
Chemistry 309 B
Michael Yeung
Assistant Professor
ETEC 0235
Qiang Zhang
Associate Professor
Chemistry 121
Chemistry Faculty Emeritus
Eric Block
SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Jayanti Pande
Vincent O'Leary Professor Emeritus
Chemistry Adjunct Appointments
Entesar Al-Hetlani
Adjunct Associate Professor