Department of Chemistry Staff

Brian Gabriel, Chemistry Department administrative manager

Brian A. Gabriel

Administrative Manager

Chemistry 124


[email protected]

Brian has been with the University since 2005 and he joined the Chemistry department in 2011. Brian works directly with the Department Chair to provide for all necessary administrative support and services to the faculty, staff and students. Brian is responsible for the financial management of the department as well as personnel matters. Brian serves as a coordinator for the graduate program in Chemistry. He holds a BS degree in Business Administration.


Stephanie Thommas, Chemistry Department secretary

Stephanie Thommas

Department Secretary

Chemistry 122


[email protected]

Stephanie joined the Department of Chemistry in 2017. She works closely with the Administrative Manager to provide support to the faculty, staff and the students. Stephanie holds a B.S. degree in Psychology.


Colin Henck, Chemistry undergrad lab coordinator

Colin Henck

Undergraduate Laboratory

Room 309C


[email protected]

Colin joined the Chemistry Department in 2004. He is responsible for the management of the instructional undergraduate laboratories which include the large General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry laboratories. Colin holds a BS and MS in Chemistry.


David Burz, Chemistry instrumentation specialist

David S. Burz

Instrumentation Specialist

Chemistry B-36


[email protected]

Dave joined the Chemistry Department in 2005 as a Research Associate and as an Instrumentation Specialist in 2008. He is responsible for maintaining and repairing high-end teaching and research equipment and manages the NMR structural facility in the Chemistry building. Dave holds a BA and MA in Chemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.


Kathleen Saxton, Chemistry instructional support technician

Kathleen Saxton

Instructional Support

Chemistry 116


[email protected]

Kathleen joined the Chemistry department in 2014 and provides instructional support for the upper division chemistry laboratory courses. She received a MS degree in Chemistry from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in association with Syracuse University.


Jesse Carozza, Chemistry instructional support associate

Jesse Carozza

Instructional Support

Chemistry 108


[email protected]

Jesse joined the Chemistry Department in 2019 and provides instructional support to the General Chemistry and Analytical teaching laboratories. Jesse holds a BS and MS in Chemistry. 





Martina Larosa

Chemistry 316


Instructional Support



[email protected]


Martina Larosa has joined the Chemistry Department as our Organic Lab Associate.  She is in charge of keeping our large enrollment organic teaching labs stocked with the chemicals and equipment that our students need to practice organic chemistry.  Martina has a master’s degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Calabria in Italy.