Rabi Ann Musah

Rabi Ann Musah

Associate Vice Provost for Learning Commons, Williams-Raycheff Endowed Professor
Department of Chemistry
The RNA Institute
Learning Commons
Center for Achievement, Retention & Student Success (CARSS)


Chemistry 222

Postdoctoral Training, Scripps Research Institute

PhD, University of Arkansas

Rabi Musah

Dr. Rabi Musah is a Professor Chemistry; the Associate Vice Provost for the Learning Commons and Center for Achievement, Retention and Student Success (CARSS); and the Director of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) - Driving Change EXCEL in STEM program. This initiative aims to create an inclusive, equitable, just, caring and reaffirming campus culture that empowers all students to excel in their chosen pursuits, and it is built upon sustainable strategies that can be readily replicated and applied to increase engagement and retention of students taking STEM courses. She has a demonstrated and strong commitment to facilitating student learning and accommodating different learning styles in the classroom. She brings to the Learning Commons and CARSS her experience in teaching, pedagogy, mentoring, student advising, networking, project management and fundraising. 

Professor Musah teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in organic chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and forensics chemistry, as well as sub-disciplines of these areas. Research Foci in her laboratory include forensic chemistry (of psychoactive plants; wildlife forensics to address illegal trafficking of endangered species; and development of novel approaches to address concerns in forensic entomology); the environmental impact of plant volatile chemical emissions; and the development of disease diagnosis tools through analysis of non-traditional biological matrices. Her scientific research has been featured on the PBS science documentary series NOVA and has been highlighted in Scientific American, The New Scientist (UK), Forensic Magazine, Chemical and Engineering News, Mental Floss, Science, Ms. Magazine, numerous Times Union stories, and the Mirror Newspaper (UK), among other publications. 

Research Website: Musah Group