The Center's mission is to promote the intellectual exchange between the sciences and humanities among humanists, scientists, artists, architects, film makers, educators, technology experts, business people, and the public in a wide variety of public programs and initiatives. 

The Initiative strives to revitalize the humanities’ at the University at Albany by asserting its critical role in raising issues and questions about the impact of scientific and technological advances. 

The Center will develop innovative learning environments and curricula that includes incubating new aesthetic and research programs and projects, fostering research and new emerging knowledge in the areas of Science, Technology, and Ethics, Aesthetics, Media, and Culture, and Humanities and Science. CHATS will integrate the University at Albany’s programs with other regional, national, and international resources and initiatives in the humanities.

The initiative draws on the university's strong profile in the sciences, its independent Writer's Institute, and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to anchor and transform the humanities through active synthesis with other fields. We welcome participation and partners, research projects, roundtable and seminar topic proposals from all fields.