University in the High School Program

Offering high school students the opportunity to begin their college education at an affordable cost, thereby providing a bridge from high school to college.

The University in the High School Program at the University at Albany was established in 1983 within the former College of Humanities & Fine Arts, now part of the College of Arts & Sciences.

The UHS Program was originally designed as an innovative way to provide students in Capital Region high schools with the opportunity to earn University at Albany credit for advanced study in the foreign languages. The Program has since expanded to include course offerings in over 30 subject areas.

UHS Program courses provide students with the academic challenges of college-level curricula during their final year(s) of high school. As a "bridging" experience to college, UHS courses can help students begin to develop the skills and experience necessary for academic success in higher education. Enrollment in UHS courses may provide future opportunities to students, such as the ability to enroll in higher-level college courses or to complete a four-year degree in a shorter amount of time.

The calendars, curricula and fees described on this website are subject to change by official action of the University at Albany.

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