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    Health Policy, Management & Behavior


The Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior (HPMB) prepares students to pursue planning and leadership roles in public health. Graduates become health policy analysts, program planners and evaluators, health services researchers and managers, and health promotion specialists in the private sector, government and non-profit organizations.

Through HPMB program offerings, students gain strong analytical skills, knowledge of the health care and public health system, and experiences to prepare them to analyze, develop, implement, and evaluate health policy and health-related programs.

This educational experience is enhanced through study with senior-level health practitioners and researchers who are directly involved in the formulation and implementation of health policy and management strategies.


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Jeancarlo C., DrPH Candidate

Jeancarlo Cordoba, a clinical professor at the University of Costa Rica School of Public Health, is a dedicated public health professional. Now, he is also a DrPH student in the Department of Health Policy, Management, and Behavior, chosen by his home University to receive an international doctoral degree. When asked about his decision to apply to UAlbany, Jeancarlo emphasized that the School of Public Health was uniquely positioned to help him reach his goal to give back to the people of Costa Rica. “I wanted to select a university that would give me training that could be directly turned into actions at home. I knew UAlbany and its strong connection to the NYSDOH would give me the experience to truly give back to my community.” Jeancarlo aims to complete the 5-year DrPH program and will return to his home university, where he will continue to teach while working to improve his country’s health.

DrPH student Jeancarlo Cordoba smiling at camera
DrPH student Jeancarlo Cordoba
MPH student Benish S. smiling at the camera.
Benish S., MPH Student

"The unique thing about UAlbany, in my opinion, is that it provides necessary opportunities for students to succeed beyond their expectations. As an MPH student in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior, I believe the internship component of the program, which involves 720 hours of experiential learning, is empowering as it allows students to explore the various areas of public health.

My internship experience at the New York State Department of Public Health has helped me learn how organizations function and how systems level initiatives can better the health of the public. I hope to complete my second internship at a different site so that I can view public health from a different perspective and see how it influences individuals at a more personal level.

As an HPMB student, I have gotten the opportunity to interact with and develop professional relationships with many of the inspiring and enthusiastic professors in the department. The co-directors of the Maternal and Child Health program, Drs. de Long and Bozlak, have been particularly motivating as they are always open to meet, discuss areas of interest and give advice. This adds to the already positive atmosphere of the School of Public Health." - Benish S.

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