Hayward Derrick Horton

Hayward Derrick Horton

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Arts & Sciences 320

1985 Ph.D., Sociology, Pennsylvania State University
1981 M.A., Sociology, Pennsylvania State University
1978 B.A., Sociology, Norfolk State University

Hayward Derrick Horton

Recent Research Projects

  • Critical Demography Project -- Critical Demography is a new and exciting paradigm that has the potential of revolutionizing the study of population. Critical Demography
    facilitates the development of theories, methods and concepts that do not
    neatly fit within the boundaries of the prevailing paradigm, conventional
    demography. Critical Demography makes explicit the manner in which the
    social structure differentiates dominant and subordinate populations.


Research Interests

  • Critical Demography
  • Racism
  • Health Disparities
  • The Sociology of Place
  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • Asians and Asian Americans