Kajal Lahiri

Kajal Lahiri

Distinguished Professor
Department of Economics
School of Public Health
Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior
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Hudson, Room 221A

PhD, University of Rochester, Economics, 1975

MA, University of Rochester, Economics, 1974

MA, University of Calcutta, Economics, 1970

Kajal Lahiri Photo

Professor Kajal Lahiri’s interests include Econometrics, Forecasting, and Economics of Health. They have been supported by National Science Foundation, the World Bank, NY State Division of BudgSet, International Monetary Fund, Social Security Administration, US Department of Transportation, and the National Institutes of Health.

Lahiri teaches economic statistics, forecasting, econometrics, and applied econometrics.

Fields of Interest: Econometrics, Health Economics

Specific Courses:

  • Eco 320: Economic Statistics
  • Eco 420: Applied Econometrics
  • Eco 519: Eco Surveys Forecasting
  • Eco 529: Forecasting in Public Sector
  • Eco 720: Econometrics
  • Eco 721: Applied Econometrics
  • Eco 820: Econometrics Workshop