Preparing for Advance Registration

  1. Check your Enrollment Appointment
  2. Advisement
  3. Planning your Schedule
  4. Enrollment in Courses
  5. Academic Classification


Your enrollment appointment is the earliest time you can register for classes. Students should register as soon as their appointment allows for the best selection of courses. Students can register any time after their appointment begins within the registration period.

How to Check Your Enrollment Appointment:

1. Login to MyUAlbany
2. Select the Academics tab
3. On the left side, under Steps to Enroll, click on the link When Can I Enroll?
4. Select the semester you wish to view your enrollment appointment for
5. Click Continue


Graduate students can register for classes beginning October 13, 2021 at 8:00am.


Your initial registration appointment is based on the total number of credits you have earned (not including in-progress courses). The more credits you have earned, the earlier your appointment will be.  In some cases in which large numbers of students have the same number of credits, appointments may be spread over two or more appointment times. Your specific appointment will begin within the dates listed below:

Number of earned credits Your appointment will start between
88 and over: October 14 thru October 21
87 through 56: October 21 thru October 29
55 through 24: October 29 thru November 5
23 through 0: November 5 thru November 12

*Enrollment appointments are based on the number of earned credits as of 1:00pm on September 22, 2021. Enrollment appointments are not updated after September 22nd to reflect additional earned credits.

Open enrollment begins Saturday, November 13, 2021.


Prior to developing a schedule for the term, undergraduate students should obtain a copy of their Degree Audit via MyUAlbany

All students should make an appointment with their academic advisor, as consultation with an advisor is a necessary step to Advance Registration.  Advisement is provided in part so that students have the opportunity to review progress towards their degree or other educational objectives and obtain help in the development of an appropriate program of study.  Students will obtain their Advisement Verification Number (AVN) from their advisor.

NOTE:  Undergraduate students may not register for more than 19 credits without permission of the Dean of Undergraduate Education.  This limit extends through the Program Adjustment period.



Tired of resorting to pen and paper to create your schedule each term for registration? Try Schedule Planner! *Schedule Planner is a web-based course planner that allows you to create a course schedule with all possible options available for registration. Don’t spend hours trying to make the perfect schedule on your own. Use Schedule Planner to easily generate the perfect class schedule that fits your individual needs (including breaks, work schedules, practice, club meetings, etc.)!

Schedule Planner does not enroll you in classes. Students can import their card from Schedule Planner to our current registration system, where the permission number can be added if the course requires permission. Instructions are available here.

Be sure to read all footnotes or comments applicable to the section of courses that you select.  In some cases it will be necessary for you to obtain instructor or departmental approval to enter a particular course.  This permission consists of a "Permission Number", and typically is available only from the professor or department of the course.


Login to MyUAlbany. Click the Academics tab. Look under Steps to Enroll. Click the Enrollment Instructions link for more detailed information on how to register. You can also find the Enrollment Instructions here.

If a course section requires "permission" (see notes/comments/special restrictions appearing with the course in the Schedule), you must obtain a Permission Number from the designated faculty member or department.  Similarly, if a course section is closed, the Permission Number would be required.  Students are eligible to register based on an Appointment Schedule according to academic status.  Students whose records are encumbered with "holds" placed by one or more University offices must contact the office(s) that placed the hold(s) and have the hold(s) released.  If this is not accomplished, registration will not be permitted.

Resolve holds as early as possible. A hold on your account will prevent you from registering. To view your holds and how to resolve them, login to MyUAlbany. Click the Home tab and then look under Important Notices.

Financial holds for tuition can be paid on-line at Holds cannot be removed until your balances are paid in full or until you resolve issues with non-financial holds. It takes approximately one day for a hold to be removed after it is paid online at You may wish to resolve a hold in person with the appropriate office to expedite processing.


  1. Students admitted to the University for graduate study are classified "graduate".
  2. Students admitted to the University for non-degree undergraduate studies are classified "non-degree".

Students admitted to the University for undergraduate degree study are classified according to the number of credits they have completed toward their degrees, as follows:

Classification Credits Completed
Freshman: Fewer than 24
Sophomore: 24 - 55
Junior:  56 - 87 
Senior:  88 or more 


Classification status for each student has been determined according to credits earned towards the student's degree. Unfinished coursework from prior terms (Incomplete) does not count in the calculation of academic classification, nor does coursework in which a student is currently enrolled. Questions regarding classification should be directed to the Registrar's Office - Campus Center B-52.