UUP Waivers

This information is for the full Academic Year, which includes fall, winter, spring and summer semesters/terms.

UUP Tuition Waiver Request Form

Note: Revised eligibility criteria were established in the 2022-2026 UUP contract. Updated campus procedures were implemented at the start of the Winter 2023-2024 term.

Article 49 of the current agreement between the State of New York and United University Professions provides for a tuition waiver for one course per semester and/or special session on a "space available" basis. For example, employees may enroll in multiple summer sessions or intersessions, or sessions in the same semester. Employees may take a maximum of four courses per academic year (Fall - Summer). However, only one course may be taken at a time.

To qualify for this UUP tuition waiver, you must meet all the following requirements: 

Employment & UUP Representation

To qualify for a UUP tuition waiver, you must be employed by a participating SUNY school with a current appointment in a UUP-represented position or currently in a UUP-represented position and on payroll during the semester/session in which you wish to receive a UUP tuition waiver for a class. In addition, part time employees who have completed four consecutive semesters in a UUP-represented position that are not on payroll during the summer but worked during the spring semester and management confirms are expected to return to work in the fall may take courses during summer sessions.

Please note, under Article 49 of the current agreement, employees hired only for the summer shall not be eligible.

If you are employed at another college or university, you must provide a completed UUP Eligibility Verification Form signed by your college or university's Human Resources Office verifying that you meet the above defined employment eligibility requirements. The signed verification must be uploaded when submitting the UUP Tuition Waiver Request Form.

Program Admission

Before registering for classes, employees must be admitted to a program (degree or non-degree, graduate or undergraduate). The appropriate admissions offices are: 

Where graduate coursework has been satisfied, employees who are completing graduate degrees may take up to 3 credits per semester of dissertation/thesis guiding credits.

UUP Registration Dates

To qualify for a UUP tuition waiver, you must register for the class on or after the UUP registration date listed on the Academic Calendar.

2023-2024 UUP Registration Dates 

YearTermSessionRegister on or after this date
2024Winter4 WeekNovember 18, 2023
2024Spring8 Week 1November 18, 2023
2024SpringSemester LengthNovember 18, 2023
2024Spring8 Week 2November 18, 2023
2024Summer6 Week 1April 23, 2024
2024Summer6 Week 2April 23, 2024
2024Summer6 Week 3April 23, 2024
2024Summer6 Week 4April 23, 2024
2024Summer4 Week 1April 23, 2024
2024Summer4 Week 2April 23, 2024
2024Summer4 Week 3April 23, 2024
2024Summer12 WeekApril 23, 2024
2024Fall8 Week 1April 23, 2024
2024FallSemester LengthApril 23, 2024
2024Fall8 Week 2April 23, 2024
Tuition Waiver Request Form

All students requesting a UUP tuition waiver need to complete and submit UAlbany’s UUP Tuition Waiver Request Form

This form must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the last class day of the semester (not the last day of finals) for which the waiver is being requested. We encourage you to submit this form early to avoid tuition liability. 

Waiver request forms submitted after the deadline, including those submitted for previous semesters, will not be accepted. Failure to submit the waiver request by the deadline will result in full tuition liability for the course. No exceptions will be made. 


The UUP tuition waiver only waives tuition for the approved class. You will be responsible for all additional fees related to enrollment in the class. You may pay the remaining balance on E-Pay.  

You may see a UUP waiver added to your bill as “anticipated aid.” This means that aid is anticipated to be added to your account. It does not indicate that your waiver has been approved. 

If you receive a bill before your UUP waiver has been approved, you may see the cost of tuition on your bill. You may deduct the amount of tuition from the bill and pay the remaining balance of fees.  

Please pay your bill by the bill’s due date to avoid incurring late fees. Continue to check your E-Pay account in case your waiver is denied, as you will be liable for the full cost of tuition. 

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at [email protected] with any questions.