Enrollment and Degree Verification Services

Please be advised that the University at Albany has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide Enrollment and Degree Verifications for our students.  The National Student Clearinghouse is a nationally recognized agency providing Enrollment and Degree Verifications for institutions throughout the nation.

Services available through the National Student Clearinghouse

Linking to the NSC site through MyUAlbany identifies you and allows you to securely:

  • Print an enrollment verification certificate to send to health insurance and housing agencies, employers, or others
  • Obtain a Good Student Discount Certificate to send to an auto insurer or other company that requests proof of status as a Good Student for the current term (undergraduates only)
  • View enrollment history
  • Obtain a list of your loan lenders and link to real-time loan information
  • Check deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to lenders on your behalf

Additional services available through the Registrar's Office

Many agencies require students to provide verification of enrollment and/or academic program status/information. In lieu of completing third party verification forms or generating customized letters, the Registrar's Office offers the following services:

Requests for:

  • Demonstration of major and minor requirements
  • Demonstration of progress towards degree
    • Suggested documentation: Degree Audit -- FREE
    • Available for current undergraduates
    • Visit MyUAlbany, click the 'Academics' tab, then 'View My Degree Audit'

 Requests for:

  • Documentation of enrollment
  • Proof of full-time or part-time status
  • Anticipated graduation date
    • Suggested documentation: Enrollment Verification from the National Student Clearinghouse -- FREE
    • Typically required for health insurance, housing agencies, employers, scholarships, etc.
    • Visit MyUAlbany, click the 'Academics' tab, then scroll down to 'Enrollment Verification'

 Requests for:

  • Documentation of "good student" standing for student discounts
    • Suggested documentation: Good Student Discount Certificate (undergraduate students only) -- FREE
    • Available for Undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. The Good Student Discount is not available for Graduate students as there is no official graduate GPA
    • Visit MyUAlbany, click the 'Academics' tab, then scroll down to 'Enrollment Verification'

Requests for:

  • Bill of tuition and fees owed - Only available for semesters in which the student has already enrolled in classes
  • Receipt of tuition and fees paid - Used to verify the amount, payment method, and date of payment
    • Suggested documentation: Billing Statement -- FREE
    • Visit MyUAlbany, click the 'Finances' tab, click 'EPay' on the left, 'My Account' at the top, then 'Statements' for a bill or 'Payment History' for a receipt

Requests for:

  • Coursework and grades, grade point average (GPA), proof of degree, proof of major, minor, concentration, etc.

Requests for:

  • University letterhead and University seal
  • Completion of third party forms and custom letters
  • Degree and program information, enrollment terms and status, class standing, if student is in good standing, etc.
    • Suggested documentation: University Enrollment Verification letter -- FEE Required
    • Visit MyUAlbany, click the 'Academics' tab, then click 'Request for Enrollment Verification Services' on the left

Disciplinary of Academic Misconduct Records are not available from the Registrar's Office. These records are maintained by the Office of Community Standards ([email protected] or (518 442 5501). In addition, the University does not provide character references.