Igor Zurbenko

Examines forecast applications for public health, global warming and the U.S. economy

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Igor Zurbenko

School of Public Health
Department: Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Trend analysis; forecast; nonparametric profiling; multivariate analysis; applications in economy; public health; environment pollutions; global warming

Campus phone: (518) 402-0393
Campus email: izurbenko@albany.edu


Igor Zurbenko is an expert in trend analysis, multivariate analysis and nonparametric profiling. He examines forecast applications used in the study of the U.S. economy, as well as for tracking public health and global warming trends.

Zurbenko is a member of International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences. He has published more than 200 papers, including 10 books on theoretical and applied statistics covering areas of applications in environmental pollutions, biostatistics, public health, economics, engineering, computer sciences, and others areas.

During his career, he spent several years in collaboration with professor J. Neyman from the University of California at Berkeley, a world-recognized leader in applied statistics and was elected chair of the department of statistics of Trinity College, University of Ireland.

Zurbenko received his doctorate from Moscow State University. Later he was named chair of mathematics of the National College of Mathematics, Physics, and Biology, a college for high-achieving undergraduates.

He spent a year in a multi-purpose oceanographic expedition in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans where he was responsible for the data analysis of all of the different directions of investigation. The oceanographic expedition, funded by the Russian Academy of Sciences, was led by two giants of natural sciences, A. Kolmogorov and A.S. Monin.

Zurbenko was also chair of the National Laboratory of Statistics at Moscow University.