Carolyn MacDonald

Physics professor an expert in X-ray optics, medical imaging, and materials analysis

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Carolyn MacDonald

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Physics

Medical imaging; X-ray; materials science; laser beam processing of materials

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Carolyn MacDonald is a professor of Physics and the director of the Center for X-ray Optics at UAlbany.

Her current research interests include the development of x-ray technology, especially the application of crystal and polycapillary x-ray optics to a variety of applications, including medical imaging, therapy, and materials analysis.

Areas of current investigation include the use of scatter rejection grids to tissue type imaging, the use of polycapillary and curved crystal optics to produce monochromatic beams for diffraction enhanced and phase imaging, the development of a "micro gamma camera" for nuclear medicine, and the development of convergent beam diffraction systems for protein and macromolecular crystallography.

MacDonald's research has exceeded $4 million in funding, primarily through NIH, NASA and the Breast Cancer Research Program.