Steven Leibo

Examines modern China, globalization, and U.S.-China relations

The World Within Reach
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Steven Leibo

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: History

Modern China and globalization; U.S. China relations; Asian-Western relations; Vietnam; Southeast Asia; international politics; modern world history

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Steven Leibo is an experienced political analyst for regional TV and radio and has been a commentator for North Eastern Public Radio since 1997.

He has authored/edited many works, including East and Southeast Asia (Stryker-Post Publications, 2005), Transferring Technology to China: Prosper Giquel and the Self Strengthening Movement (University of California Institute of East, 1985), Journal of the Chinese Civil War (University of Hawaii Press, 1985), and International Conflict in the 20th Century (Regents, 1992).

He has also led many groups of vets throughout Vietnam.