Hany Shawky

Examines petrol and energy issues, stock market behavior, and global financial markets

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Hany Shawky

Interim Dean
School of Business
Department: Finance

Petrol and energy related issues; stock market behavior; institutional portfolio management

Campus phone: (518) 956-8337
Campus email: hshawky@albany.edu


Hany A. Shawky is professor of finance and interim dean of UAlbany's School of Business. Shawky is also the director of the Center for Institutional Investment Management (CIIM) at the School.

Widely published on asset pricing, stock market behavior, and international financial markets, he has served as a consultant to many private and public organizations. Shawky teaches corporate finance, investment analysis, and portfolio management. He received his doctorate in finance (1978) from Ohio State University.

Shawky is also on the faculty of UAlbany's Institute for Financial Market Regulation.