Nancy Claiborne

Investigates how organizational factors impact the outcome of the delivery of welfare-related services

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Nancy Claiborne

School of Social Welfare
Department: Social Welfare

Human service organizations; design and delivery of service; child welfare; health systems

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Nancy Claiborne is a management specialist whose research interests include human service organizational functioning and change, as well as teambuilding/collaboration and program evaluation. She is specifically interested in service system design and delivery, including the system facilitators and barriers to innovative services that achieve results. Settings she has researched and facilitated change include child welfare organizations and health systems.

She is particularly interested in studying models that attempt to integrate empirically based care and outcomes measurement into services. These interests include investigating the impact of organizational factors on the delivery of services, management system functions, and the adoption of innovation and engagement in teams and collaborations. Her experience includes 17 years as a clinician, clinical director, community linkage agent, and senior administrator in inpatient and outpatient health and mental health settings.