George Berg

Computer scientist an expert in artificial intelligence, cognition

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George Berg

Associate Professor
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Department: Computer Science

Artificial intelligence; cognitive science

Campus phone: 442-4267
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George Berg has been a member of the Computer Science faculty at UAlbany since 1988. He has chaired the Department since 2006. His main research areas include Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. As chair, Berg has instituted a transformation of the undergraduate curriculum, by adopting a mission to change the way he and the Computer Science Department engage with students by experimenting with new pedagogical techniques and innovative course material.

Berg is also on the faculty of UAlbany’s Institute for Financial Market Regulation, where he has led the development of new curricula to introduce students to the critical role of computational thinking in financial market oversight and regulation. The interdisciplinary team works with financial firms and government and industry regulators to create problem-based undergraduate curricula that address current and future needs of the field. These teaching materials will first be used in financial market regulation courses, and then extended to courses in computing, business, public policy, economics, mathematics, and the social sciences to show the widespread importance of computational thinking.

Berg is also on the faculty of UAlbany's Institute for Financial Market Regulation.