Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
Ivana Alexandrova
Associate Professor
Catskill 327
Scattering theory, semi-classical analysis, the Aharonov-Bohm effect
Justin Curry
Assistant Professor
Catskill 391
Applied topology and (co)sheaf theory
Yunlong Feng
Assistant Professor
Catskill 377
Machine learning and statistical learning theory
Boris Goldfarb
Professor and Director of Data Science Programs
Catskill 389
Algebraic and geometric topology, K-theory, geometric group theory, topological data analysis, explainable learning and AI
Martin Hildebrand
Catskill 331
Probability on finite groups, combinatorics
Joshua Isralowitz
Associate Professor
Catskill 333
Harmonic analysis and operator theory
Hyun-Kyoung Kwon
Assistant Professor
Catskill 381
Operator theory, complex analysis
Cristian Lenart
Professor and Chair
Catskill 399C
Algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial representation theory, combinatorial algebraic geometry, and formal group laws
Michael Lesnick
Assistant Professor
Catskill 385
Applied topology
Antun Milas
Catskill 347
Vertex operator algebras, conformal field theory, modular forms
Steven Plotnick
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Catskill 397
Low-dimensional topology and geometry, knot theory, transformation groups, combinatorial group theory
Karin Reinhold
Associate Professor
Catskill 329
Ergodic theory, analysis, and probability
Carlos Rodríguez
Associate Professor
Catskill 373
Statistical inference
Anupam Srivastav
Associate Professor
Catskill 341
Algebraic number theory related to the Hilbert-Speiser Theorem
Michael Stessin
Catskill 387
Complex analysis, operator theory, approximation theory
Alexandre Tchernev
Associate Professor
Catskill 349
Commutative algebra, homological algebra, algebraic geometry
Marco Varisco
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Catskill 399A
Algebraic and geometric topology, homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory
Rongwei Yang
Catskill 337
Functional analysis, group representations, mathematical physics
Felix Ye
Assistant Professor
Catskill 383
Data driven modeling, stochastic dynamical systems
Penghang Yin
Assistant Professor
Catskill 375
Computational mathematics, machine learning, data science
Yiming Ying
Catskill 379
Machine learning, statistical learning theory, optimization for big data, harmonic analysis
Matthew Zaremsky
Associate Professor
Catskill 393
Geometric group theory
Changlong Zhong
Associate Professor
Catskill 343
Algebraic K-theory and motivic cohomology, cohomology of flag varieties and Schubert calculus
Kehe Zhu
Catskill 339
Functional analysis, complex analysis, operator theory
Khanh Nguyen Duc
Algebraic combinatorics, representation theory, and Schubert calculus
Teaching Faculty
John Tambroni
Lecturer II
Catskill 335
Adjunct Faculty

PhD Students

Eli Bashwinger
Catskill 390
[email protected]

Sarah Canzone
Catskill 384
[email protected]

Robert Cardona
[email protected]

Alessandro Chilelli
Catskill 384
[email protected]

John (Riley) Decker
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Xun Dong 
Catskill 384
[email protected]

Ryan Gelnett
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Robert Green
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Zijian (Lamber) Guo
Catskill 388
[email protected]

Selçuk Gürses
Catskill 384
[email protected]

John Habib
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Catherine Hall
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Brian Heller
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Jason Howell
Catskill 390
[email protected]

Kate Howell
Catskill 398
[email protected]

Seth Hulbert
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Jennifer Hults
Catskill 398
[email protected]

Mira Iskander
Catskill 384
[email protected]

Yan Lok Ko
Catskill 384
[email protected]

Tung Lam
Catskill 390
[email protected]

Chris Lange
Catskill 388
[email protected]

Antoine Love
[email protected]

Michael Muller
Catskill 388
[email protected]

Daniel Rosenberg
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Effie Shani
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Samuel Spellman
Catskill 390
[email protected]

Ruogu Wang
Catskill 384
[email protected]

Marquia Williams
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Alea Wittig
Catskill 398
[email protected]

Ming Yang
Catskill 384
[email protected]

Amber Yorks
Catskill 384
[email protected]

Kristoffe Zehr
Catskill 378
[email protected]

Aozhong Zhang
Catskill 384
[email protected]




Retired Faculty

Louis Brickman, PhD, 1959, University of Pennsylvania
At UAlbany 1967-1996
Complex analysis

Herbert I. Brown, PhD, 1966, Rutgers University
Functional Analysis with applications to summability, FK topologies, algebras of bounded linear operators on certain sequence spaces

Lindsay N. Childs, PhD, 1966, Cornell University
At UAlbany 1968-2012
Algebras, extensions of rings acted upon by finite groups or Hopf algebras, connections with algebraic number theory. Email: [email protected]

Edward D. Davis, PhD, 1961, University of Chicago
At UAlbany 1968-1998
Commutative algebra: Noetherian rings of geometric, algebraic or arithmetic type; polynomial and power series algebras over such rings

Richard Z. Goldstein, PhD, 1966, University of Pennsylvania
PL and geometric topology, topological graph theory, combinatorial group theory. Email: [email protected]

William F. Hammond, PhD, 1965, Johns Hopkins University
Number theory and algebraic geometry, theta functions, Hilbert modular surfaces. Email: [email protected]

Benton N. Jamison, PhD, 1960, University of California, Berkeley
Markov processes, time series

Melvin Katz, PhD, 1959, University of California, Berkeley
Central limit theorem

Timothy L. Lance, PhD, 1973, Princeton University
At UAlbany 1974-2010
Geometric topology, group actions on manifolds, cobordism theory, smoothing theory, homotopy theory of classifying spaces, applications to number theory, non-linear similarity. Email: [email protected]

Lloyd L. Lininger, PhD, 1964, University of Iowa
Statistical theory, survival distributions, analysis of clinical trials

Thomas H. MacGregor, PhD, 1961, University of Pennsylvania
Classical complex analysis, geometric function theory; specialty: extreme points and extremal problems for families of univalent functions

George E. Martin, PhD, 1964, University of Michigan
At UAlbany 1967-1998
Tiling, foundations of geometry

Ricardo Nirenberg, PhD, 1966, New York University
Several complex variables, real submanifolds of complex manifolds, partial differential equations

Hajimu Ogawa, PhD, 1961, University of California, Berkeley
Differential equations

R. Michael Range, PhD, 1971, University of California, Los Angeles
At UAlbany 1973-2015
Several complex variables: integral representations, the Cauchy-Riemann complex and the d-bar-Neumann problem, pseudoconvexity, algebras of holomorphic functions

Malcolm J. Sherman, PhD, 1964, University of California, Berkeley
Associate Professor Emeritus
Mathematical statistics, actuarial mathematics, operator theory, public policy and civil rights, [email protected]

Edward C. Turner, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
PL and smooth topology, combinatorial group theory

Donald R. Wilken, PhD, 1965, Tulane University
At UAlbany 1968-2010
Extremal problems of families of univalent functions, algebras of analytic functions


In Memoriam

Guy Allaud (1933-2021), PhD, 1961, University of Wisconsin
General topology and homotopy theory, fibrations and classifying spaces, abstract homotopy

Nathaniel A. Friedman (1938-2020), PhD, 1964, Brown University
At UAlbany 1968-2000
Isomorphism problems in ergodic theory, higher order mixing, higher order sweeping out, mixing on sequences, sweeping out on sequences

Boris Korenblum (1923-2011), ScD, Moscow State University
Analytic and harmonic functions in the disc, zero sets, boundary distributions, factorization, structure of closed ideals

Richard C. O'Neil (1930-2019), PhD, 1960, University of Chicago
At UAlbany 1968-2006
Real analysis and integration theory, inequalities, rearrangement-invariant function spaces, interpolation of operators

Mark Steinberger (1950-2018), PhD, University of Chicago
At UAlbany 1987-2018
Algebraic and geometric topology, group actions on manifolds, the nonlinear similarity problem, surgery theory, algebraic K-theory, homotopy theory

Edward Thomas (1937-2016), PhD, 1964, University of California, Riverside
At UAlbany 1969-2016