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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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State University of New York
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I am the graduate director in the department. For details about our graduate programs, please consult the information page below. You're welcome to email me inquiries and questions.

bullet Graduate mathematics at UAlbany information

Spring 2020 office hours:
MWF 10:20am—11:25am

If you have questions from class or have a matter that takes less than
5 minutes, you are welcome to drop by during office hours. For longer conversations, please email to make an individual appointment.

Spring 2020 class:
bullet AMAT 583: Topological Data Analysis I

My research interests are in algebraic and geometric topology, geometric group theory, various flavors of K-theory, topological data analysis, explainable learning and artificial intelligence

bullet Curriculum vitae
bullet My papers on since 2011, this is the correct link to follow if you want to see all of them, from all subject archives
bullet My older papers that missed out on arXiv