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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University at Albany, Catskill Building 389
State University of New York
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222-0001, U.S.A.
Office tel: 518-442-4633
Dept. fax: 518-442-4731

I serve as the Director of Data Science Programs in the department. Currently that includes the MS degree in Data Science and the graduate certificates in ML and in TDA.

If you are looking for information about the programs and application details, you are welcome to write to the Data Science Team at [email protected].

If you are a current student seeking advice, write to the Data Science Team at [email protected].

Spring 2024 office hours: MTh 10:30AM—12:00PM

Spring 2024 class: AMAT 583 Topological Data Analysis I

My research interests are in algebraic and geometric topology, geometric group theory, various flavors of K-theory, topological data analysis, explainable learning and artificial intelligence.

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