Colloquia and Seminars

Colloquia and Seminars


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Colloquium (Fridays at 3:00pm)

To receive schedule updates by email, contact the Colloquium Chair, Prof. Marius Beceanu.
The colloquium usually meets on Friday at 3:00 pm in room ES-143 or online.
The colloquium is partially supported from the Simons grant #584738 (Cristian Lenart)


  • Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M)
    Differential operators and their applications to geometry and topology
    Friday, November 20, 2020
    3pm, online

    Abstract: I will give an introduction to invariants of differential operators and their applications to geometry and topology. This talk will be accessible to graduate students and non-experts.


  • Rongwei Yang (University at Albany SUNY)
    Some aspects of projective spectrum
    Friday, October 16, 2020
    3pm, online

    For more information on how to join the meeting, please see the email announcement or write the colloquium chair, at the address listed above.

    Abstract: Finitely generated structures are important subjects of study in various mathematical disciplines. Examples include finitely generated groups, finitely generated Lie algebras and $C^*$-algebras, tuples of several linear operators, etc.

    It is thus a fundamental question whether there exists a universal mechanism in the study of these vastly different entities. In 2009, the notion of projective spectrum for several elements $A_0, A_1, ..., A_n$ in a unital Banach algebra B was defined through the multiparameter pencil $A(z) = z_0A_0 +z_1A_1 +... +z_nA_n$, where the coefficients $z_j$ are complex numbers. This conspicuously simple definition turned out to have a surprisingly rich content. In this second part of the talk, I will review some results in infinite dimension relating to self-similar group representation, complex dynamics, operator theory and complex geometry. Talk is slow and student friendly.


Algebra/Topology Seminar (Thursdays at 3:00pm)

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Analysis and Data Science Seminar (Tuesdays at 3:00pm)

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Applied Topology in Albany (ATiA) Seminar (Fridays at 2:00pm)

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