Internal Control Hotline

The University at Albany is pleased to offer information to faculty, staff, students, and other members of the community about possible paths to follow when encountering or observing certain lapses in ethical conduct here.

Those lapses can take many forms and in some cases are easily identifiable as such, while in other cases identification of ethical drift may not be simple. This hotline continues our efforts to establish and maintain a sound internal control environment, and so is designed to enhance internal control, which is so critical to the integrity of the University.

Questionable reportable activity can include observed or suspected frauds, thefts, embezzlements, misappropriations, defalcations, or other financial offenses against the University and including University funds or other funds entrusted to the University. Also included would be falsification of University records in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme.

If you observe or suspect wrongdoing at the University at Albany, you may call the UAlbany Internal Control Hotline to report it. This telephone hotline is maintained by the Office of Internal Controls and provides a means for the confidential and anonymous reporting of observed or suspected wrongdoing. Upon placing a call to the Hotline, you will receive instructions that will guide you through the reporting process.

The number to call for the UAlbany Internal Control Hotline is: (518) 437-4738

If you prefer, an e-mail address has been established to receive reports in confidence. That e-mail address is:

Written communication may be addressed to:

Office of Internal Controls
University Hall 212
University at Albany
1400 Washington Ave.
Albany, NY 12222
Fax: 437-4515

Hotline reports received will immediately be evaluated and an informal review will begin to determine the potential merit of the allegation. The directors of other University at Albany departments, e.g., Human Resources, University Police, Accounting, etc., may be consulted when appropriate. Reports to the Hotline should contain as much detail as possible to substantiate the allegation and facilitate the investigation. Subsequent to the initial report, in order to aid in the inquiry, those reporting are encouraged to establish a dialogue with the Director of Risk Management and Internal Control Officer at (518) 956 - 8092. The President, or his designee, will be kept apprised of the findings and progress of the review, which will continue to its logical conclusion.