UAlbany’s Internal Control Hotline 

It is important to immediately report any suspected breaches of internal control procedures, thefts or misuse of information or assets to the University’s Internal Control Hotline. All reports are confidential. 

  • Phone: 518-437-4738  

  • Email: [email protected] 

  • Mail: Office of Internal Controls, University Hall 212, University at Albany, 1400 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12222 

Lapses in ethical conduct can take many forms. Questionable activities that should be reported include, but are not limited to, observed or suspected frauds, thefts, embezzlements, misappropriations, defalcations, or other financial offenses against the University, that include University funds or that include other funds entrusted to the University. Any falsification of University records in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme should also be reported. 

What happens when you contact the hotline?

If you observe or suspect wrongdoing at the University at Albany, contact the Internal Control Hotline to report it. You’ll be guided through the reporting process. 

Hotline reports received will immediately be evaluated and an informal review will begin to determine the potential merit of the allegation.  

Please include as many details as possible to substantiate the allegation and facilitate the investigation. Risk management and internal control staff members may ask you to speak with them as the investigation progresses.  

The directors of other University at Albany departments — such as Human Resources, University Police and/or Accounting — may be consulted when appropriate. The President, or his designee, will be kept apprised of the findings and progress of the review, which will continue to its logical conclusion. 

Internal Control Training 

The Office of Internal Control is responsible for implementing education and training programs so that employees are adequately aware of and understand the University’s internal control standards and their own related responsibilities. 

The Internal Control team uses several methods to educate and train UAlbany employees: 

  • Information on internal control is periodically sent to all employees. 

  • Information on internal control is included in new employee welcome packets. 

  • Internal control is discussed during new employee orientation sessions. 

  • Instructional sessions on internal control are offered to units and managers. 

  • An overview of internal controls and a campus status report is presented to senior leadership each year. The report is also made available to other campus leaders upon request. 

  • Managers and employees must complete a live or online training session on internal controls every two years. 

We strongly encourage you to download and view our Internal Controls Training Presentation