Emergency Alerts

In an emergency, immediately call the University Police Department by dialing 911 on a campus phone or 518-442-3131 on a cell phone. 

Active Alerts

There are no alerts at this time.


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UAlbany Alerts are the University’s official platform to communicate emergencies to the campus community — including weather-related delays and closures. UAlbany Alerts are delivered via text message, voicemail and email. 

Alerts are automatically sent to all students’ and employees’ albany.edu email addresses. 

We encourage all students and employees to sign up to also receive UAlbany Alerts via text message, voicemail and/or personal email. You can also add the contact information of another person, such as a parent or spouse, if you’d like. 

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Emergency Contact Information & Resources 

University Police Department: Call 518-442-3131 to report any emergency, including fires or medical emergencies. 

Environmental Health & SafetyCall 518-442-3495 to report safety hazards that do not pose an imminent threat or emergency. 

Parking & Mass Transit AlertsVisit this page for non-emergency alerts related to UAlbany parking and mass transit. 

Fire & Life SafetyVisit this page to review the University’s fire evacuation plans and safety handbook. 


Weather-related Delays & Closures 

The campus community should always assume that classes and events will be held as scheduled, unless otherwise notified by the University. 

Suspending classes and events is an extraordinary last step. It’s a decision UAlbany takes very seriously, due to the disruption it causes to our Academic Calendar.

Travel Safety for Students

Students should use their best judgement when determining if is safe to travel to and from campus, based on their individual circumstances. 

Students who are unable to attend classes due to weather conditions must make accommodations with their instructors individually.

Travel Safety for Employees

Employees should use their best judgment when determining if it is safe to travel to and from campus, based on their individual circumstances. 

Employees who are unable to report to campus due to weather conditions must communicate with their supervisor or designee. Liberal leave procedures are in effect. During weather emergencies when the campus remains open, non-essential employees may request supervisory approval to charge appropriate accruals or work remotely, if remote work for a full day is practicable.  Essential employees are to report in accordance with their schedule. Faculty will follow remote instruction plans.

Only the Governor of New York State can close state offices, agencies, and campuses. When state offices are open, UAlbany employees are expected to work or charge accruals.  

Snow & Ice Removal

Snow and/or ice clearing concerns should be immediately reported to the Office of Facilities Management (518-442-3480). 

Please refer to these guides for more information: