Early Assurance to Touro College of Medicine Doctor of Osteopathy

TouroCOM-Middletown offers an exciting opportunity for select students who start at UAlbany as freshmen and achieve set criteria during their freshman year to apply at the beginning of their sophomore year to TouroCOM-Middletown’s osteopathic medical school.

Program Overview
The following outlines the Early Assurance Program for attaining a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) degree through Touro College of Medicine (COM) in Middletown, NY. This program is site-specific and does not apply to other Touro campuses. It is available only to those admitted to UAlbany as freshmen; transfer students are ineligible.

By May of each year, TouroCOM-Middletown will be responsible for evaluating and determining which applying UAlbany sophomores will be admitted into TouroCom. Once admitted and after having received a bachelor’s degree from UAlbany, students will follow a defined curriculum for obtaining a doctor of osteopathic medicine degree.

Program Eligibility
To be eligible for this program, a sophomore UAlbany student must:

  • Achieve a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Complete a minimum of four (4/ at least 12 credits) of the required pre-med science courses by the end of the freshman year and prior to the time of application (AP and other transferred credits are not applicable toward this requirement)
  • Compile a strong freshman year record, documented by overall and science grade point averages of 3.0. Please note that the Touro website offers the additional guidance that preferred candidates are expected to attain Bs in all pre-med prerequisite courses.
  • Submit a fully completed AACOMAS application no later than December 15 in the fall semester of their sophomore year at UAlbany. Applications will be evaluated according to TouroCOM-Middletown admission standards and include a satisfactory interview.

Learn more about admissions requirements, including pre-requisite coursework, from TouroCOM.

Students who wish to explore this opportunity should express their interest to UAlbany’s Pre-Health Advisor at prehealth@albany.edu. This advisor will discuss the expectations of the program and the process for application. Applications will be available by contacting the TouroCOM admissions office at (845) 648-1000 ext. 60111 or 60105 or by e-mail at admissions.tourocom@touro.edu. Applicants should be confident of their interest in pursuing a career in medicine and that admission to the TouroCOM is the path they would choose toward that goal.

Application Process
As part of the application process, applicants must:

  • Develop a personal statement that includes the medically relevant enrichment that they anticipate as a result of their participation in this program
  • Outline their goals and objectives for the remaining two and a half undergraduate years
  • Propose how these goals will be obtained through specific academic and extracurricular activities
  • Indicate how the proposed activities for the remaining sophomore, junior and senior years might enhance their capacities as a future osteopathic physician.

Each accepted student will show evidence in their application materials of commitment to continuing vigorous intellectual activity as demonstrated by fulfilling the pre-med requirements while sustaining a breadth of education as well as depth in their major field of concentrated study.

Acceptance and Continuation in the Program
Admission to the TouroCOM program requires a reciprocal commitment by the student that is binding unless there is a compelling reason to withdraw. The student shall not apply to other allopathic or osteopathic colleges. If the student chooses to make such applications, he/she must first withdraw their commitment with TouroCOM-Middletown. Students will be ineligible to seek a committee letter in support of applications to other medical schools through UAlbany’s Pre-Health Advisory Committee until the student withdraws from this commitment.

Accepted students must carry a full course load (15 credits per semester) during their remaining semesters and fulfill all of their degree requirements, all TouroCOM pre-requisite courses, and receive no less than a B- in each. They must graduate from UAlbany prior to matriculation into TouroCOM. The MCAT examination is part of the application process of TouroCOM-Middletown and is a requirement of the AACOMAS application process and while it will not be required for acceptance into the early assurance program, MCATs must be taken by the fall semester of the senior year at UAlbany and are required prior to matriculation at TouroCOM.

Participation in the TouroCOM program can be denied should anything occur that would cause the admissions committee to question a student's suitability to pursue a career in medicine. Such determination shall not be unreasonable or indiscriminate. Similarly, failure to meet academic standards will constitute grounds for removal of individual students from the program.

All rights to appeal such denials that are afforded to accepted applicants to TouroCOM through regular application pathways will be available to the UAlbany Early Assurance students. The ultimate decision to accept or reject a UAlbany applicant rests solely and exclusively with TouroCOM and is not subject to appeal or review.