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Current Student Resources

Registering for Classes

Advisement Verification Numbers and Class Permissions Numbers are required to register for classes. These are not available until the first day of Advance Registration each semester. Please consult the Academic Calendar to determine when Advance Registration begins.

  • The deadline for registering for Spring classes is January 1
  • The deadline for registering for Summer classes is May 1
  • The deadline for registering for Fall classes is May 30

Note: Early registration is encouraged to ensure a spot in your selected classes.

  1. Familiarize yourself with course registration dates using the academic calendar.
  2. Look at the schedule of classes to see what courses are being offered.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss courses you should take.
  4. Your Advisor Verification Number (AVN) and course permission numbers will be sent to you via email. You'll use this information to enroll in the courses.
  5. Enroll in courses via MyUAlbany.

Note: Priority enrollment in face-to-face courses is for students enrolled in on-campus programs. Priority enrollment for most online courses is for students enrolled in the fully online programs. Please consult with your department for details.



Please login to the SPH Career Development Community on Blackboard to view relevant internship and field placement information including eligibility criteria, program requirements, and registration details.

Academic Forms
Environmental Health Sciences
Attendance Forms

Leave of Absence

Medical Withdrawal


Plan of Study Worksheets

Environmental Health Sciences MPH

Environmental Health Sciences MS

Environmental Health Sciences PhD


MS Forms & Documents

Academic Advisement Form

Academic Progress Plan

Request to Transfer Credit

Research Rotations Information Booklet

Agreement for Research Rotations

EHS MS Mentor Approval Form

Thesis Approval

EHS MS Thesis Committee Approval Form

EHS MS Thesis Defense Form

Request for Course Waiver

EHS MS Major Field Exam Form

Rotation Student Evaluation of Mentor 

Rotation Coordinator Evaluation

Rotation Mentor's Evaluation of Student


MPH Forms & Documents

Academic Advisement Form

Academic Progress Plan

Degree or Concentration Change

Graduate Transcript Milestone Form

MPH Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) Form

Request to Transfer Credit

Request for Course Waiver

Waiver of Statute of Limitations for Transfer of Credit


Doctoral Forms & Documents

Application for Doctoral Candidacy

Request to Transfer Credit

Application for Advanced Standing Credit in Doctoral Program

EHS 690 Research Rotations Information Booklet

EHS 690 Research Agreement and Assignment Form

EHS 690 Rotation Coordinator Evaluation Form

EHS 690 Rotation Student Evaluation of Mentor Form

EHS 690 Rotation Mentor Evaluation of Student Form

Preliminary Exam

QE Part I Form

QE Part II and Instructions

Research Tool Form

Dissertation Committee Approval Form

Dissertation Transmittal Form

Annual Progress Report for PhD Research


UAlbany's Black Maternal Health Collective

A featured student organization


UAlbany's Black Maternal Health Collective (Student Organization)