University at Albany

Immunization Requirements for International Students


MMR (Measles Mumps and Rubella)
All UALBANY students must provide proof of having received two measles, one mumps and one rubella vaccine OR submit proof of blood tests indicating immunity to these diseases. Records must be in English and include two identifiers (preferably name and date of birth).

  • Vaccine records (including actual dates).
  • Blood tests for immunity performed outside of the US are acceptable.   A legible copy of the lab report must be provided. The lab report must be in English and contact two identifiers.

TB (Tuberculosis) Requirements

All UAlbany students are assessed for the risk of TB (Tuberculosis) through the Required Health Form.

The most common risk for TB is exposure in a TB endemic country, a country known to have a high rate of TB. This includes most Eastern Mediterranean, African, Asian, Central and South American countries.

If you have  spent over 4 weeks in any TB endemic country within the past 5 years you must have a TB blood test (QuantiFERON or T-Spot only).

The only exceptions are:

  • If who have received a full course of treatment for Tuberculosis with TB medications
    • You will need to provide medical documentation confirming the start and end dates of treatment and medications prescribed.
  • If you had a blood test that reveals a previous positive response
    • You should submit the QuantiFERON Gold or T-Spot results. The lab test report must be provided in English with your name and date of birth.
    • In addition a chest x-ray must be performed within 6 months prior to your arrival on campus or as soon as possible after a positive test result and a report copy provided, in English with your name and date of birth

We recommend the TB test be done and results submitted before arriving at UAlbany. TB blood test results must include the lab test report. The report must be in English and include two patient identifiers (preferably name and date of birth).

UAlbany requires compliance with these requirements for continued attendance.