Important Deadlines

  • The deadlines to withdraw from the University with or without receiving W's can be found in the Academic Calendar.
  • Deadlines to withdraw from the University without incurring tuition liability can be found at Student Financial Services.

Your tuition and fee liability is based on when you withdraw, even if you do not attend classes.

University at Albany undergraduate students who are withdrawing from all courses for a semester or who wish to discontinue attendance at the University must complete a Withdrawal Form. Failure to do so may result in any or all of the following:

  1. Loss of financial aid adjustments
  2. Academic consequences
  3. Loss of the opportunity to reenter the University at a later date.

You will receive written confirmation once the processing of your withdrawal has been completed.

Students with special circumstances leading to withdrawal from the University must refer below for instructions. To complete the online Withdrawal form, please click here.

Special Circumstances for Withdrawal

Medical/Psychological Difficulties
If your reason for leaving the University is due to medical or psychological difficulties for which you are under treatment, IN ADDITION TO COMPLETING THE WITHDRAWAL FORM, you must provide supporting documentation from your licensed healthcare practitioner or treatment facility. Download Medical Withdrawal Information.

Active Military Duty
If your reason for leaving the University is due to full-time active military duty, IN ADDITION TO COMPLETING THE WITHDRAWAL FORM, you must provide a copy of your active duty orders to the Office of Withdrawal and Readmission within 15 calendar days of the date you submit this form. Download Military Withdrawal Information.

Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals
Tuition and refund schedules are established by the State University of New York. Requests for relief from liability are granted only in certain specific circumstances. Download Retroactive Withdrawal Appeal Information, Class Withdrawal and Financial Liability Information.

If a Disciplinary Suspension or Disciplinary Dismissal is pending:
You should be certain to discuss either of these with a representative of the Office for Undergraduate Education or of Community Standards. A student shall not be exempt from disciplinary proceedings for behavioral infractions which occurred prior to leaving. A withdrawal does not override a judicial referral.

Office of the Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education
LC 30
Community Standards
CC 361