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Access to Mass Transit

All current students and employees can use their ID cards to access all University at Albany and CDTA buses, including Northway Xpress and STAR Services.

Note: Volunteers, interns, Empire State Fellows, visiting and research scholars, and employees of the Rockefeller Institute of Government are not eligible.



CDTA Buses

CDTA covers the entire Capital Region and offers several routes that service UAlbany's campuses.

Note: CDTA access becomes inactive one week after each term or semester for students who are not registered for the next term or semester.

CDTA Bus Routes on Campus

Route 10: Western Avenue, with stops off campus

Route 11: Western Avenue, with stops at Campus Center, Uptown Campus, Downtown Campus and Alumni Quad.

Route 12: Washington Avenue, with stops at Collins Circle, Uptown Campus, and Downtown Campus.

Route 114: Madison and Washington Avenues, with stops at Collins Circle, Crossgates Mall and Albany-Rensselaer Train Station.

Route 190: Fuller Road and Wolf Road, with stops at Collins Circle, Latham Farms, and Crossgates Mall.

Route 712: Harriman State Office Campus and Patroon Creek, with stops at Collins Circle, Crossgates Mall, and Quail Station.

UAlbany Buses

The UAlbany bus system provides transportation services to all three campuses..

UAlbany buses offer our passengers real-time bus information and are equipped with two-way radios, camera systems, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers.


UAlbany Bus Schedules

Mass Transit Services will provide limited transportation during the Summer 2021 Session (May 17, 2021, to August 20, 2021). The on-demand weekday Uptown Campus shuttle will operate 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please call 518-424-9614 to request service.

CDTA should be used for all other locations including Downtown and Health Science Campuses.

See UAlbany bus locations in real time using the UAlbany Bus Tracker



Rules for UAlbany Bus Passengers

Only current students, faculty and staff with a valid ID card may ride UAlbany buses.

General Rules

Boarding the bus

  • Arrive at your bus stop at least two to three minutes before the scheduled departure.

  • Arrival times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions.

  • Stay clear of the bus until it has come to a complete stop.

Riding the bus

  • If you are standing, remain behind the white safety line and always use the handrail.

  • Eating, drinking, smoking, and inappropriate language are prohibited.

  • Passengers are not allowed to use audio players without headphones.

  • Always keep your body inside the bus.

  • Please do not request a non-authorized stop.

  • Do not block the aisle with baggage or other items.

Exiting the bus

  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before moving to depart. 

  • Once the driver has re-entered traffic, the bus cannot stop.

COVID-19 Rules

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Passengers must still wear a mask on the bus and while entering and exiting the bus.

  • Drivers must wear a mask while passengers are on board.


  • Drivers wipe down surfaces and high touch areas several times per day.

  • University cleans and disinfects buses and shelters regularly.

  • Using fresh air settings and keeping windows open whenever possible.

Snow Emergency Information for UAlbany Buses

When the University cancels classes before the start of the academic day, all UAlbany bus routes are canceled.

When the University cancels or suspends classes after the start of the academic day, we provide riders with one to two hours’ notice that bus services will be canceled, suspended or minimized.

In either circumstance, bus route notices are provided on the Parking & Mass Transit Alerts webpage, the Parking and Mass Transit Services’ Twitter account and the UAlbany Bus Tracker.

Routes will be minimized or cancelled in the following order:

  • Route 5, Thursday Shopping Shuttle: This route would be canceled.

  • Route 3, Health Sciences Campus: This route would be canceled, given its complexity, distance and path over the Dunn Memorial Bridge.

  • Route 2, Uptown Campus: This route would be minimized or canceled only as necessary due to weather and roadway conditions.


Charter Services

University departments and authorized student groups can request to charter UAlbany buses.

How to Request Charter Services

Complete a Charter Service Request Form.

Requests are approved based on availability and groups should note the following:

  • Limited to a 50 mile in-state radius around the University.

  • Buses and drivers cannot remain overnight with a charter group.

  • Must have one assigned contact person during the charter.

  • Must provide an itinerary at least 5 business days before the charter.

Rates for Charter Services

Weekdays: $100 per hour, per vehicle, with a minimum charge of four hours ($400)

Weekends: $135 per hour, per vehicle, with a minimum charge of four hours ($540)

The group that requests the charter is also responsible for all parking fees, tolls and other point-of-sale fees. The driver is not allowed to pay these fees.

Rules for Charter Services
  • Smoking and the possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs are prohibited.

  • The driver should never be asked to break any law or circumvent any policy.

  • Locations must be accessible without requiring the driver to operate in reverse.