CAS in Literacy Advisement

Immediately after being accepted into the CAS in Literacy program, you are assigned a program advisor, whose primary responsibility is to assist you in planning and carrying out your course of study. You will be notified of your advisor's name in the acceptance letter.

Shortly after being admitted, you need to meet with your Program Advisor and complete the Application for Advanced Standing Credit in a Doctoral Program.  This is to apply for credit for prior graduate courses in the two course categories--Reading and Allied Courses in Professional Education. The maximum number of transferable credit hours is 30, half of the total for the PhD in Literacy program. You can apply up to 21 hours of graduate courses related to literacy, the remaining 9 hours can be applied to Allied Courses.

No credits can be applied to the Inquiry Project. Courses that do not fit into either Reading or Allied Courses cannot be accepted.

Note that there is no statute of limitations for courses transferred into the program; however, the Department reserves the right not to accept courses taken over ten years prior to admission. Courses taken at the University at Albany prior to admission into the CAS in Literacy program are eligible for Advanced Standing.