Faculty & Staff

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering comprises faculty and staff dedicated to providing quality education and always willing to help students.

Department Faculty
Gary J. Saulnier
Professor and Chair
Research Interests: Communications, signal processing , electronic instrumentation, impedance tomography systems for medical application, acoustic data and power transmission systems
Mohammed Agamy
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Resonant power conversion, renewable resources, power factor correction, grid interface of distributed energy resources, modeling and control of power converter systems.
Mustafa Aksoy
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Remote geophysical sensing using microwave technology and electromagnetic theory
David Ardrey
Professor of Practice
Aveek Dutta
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Vehicular networking, Enforcement methods for Spectrum Policies, Blockchain for networking applications, Hardware architecture for Cloud Radio Access Networks
Hany Elgala
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Visible light communications (VLC) technology and LiFi networks, coexistence in wireless heterogeneous networks, localization, Internet-of-Things (IoT) security, backscatter communication, and artificial intelligence in wireless communications
Randy Moulic
Associate Dean for Applied Learning & Cooperative Education
Research Interests: Digital electronics, logic circuit design, computer architecture
Jonathan Muckell
Professor of Practice
Research Interests: Geospatial compression algorithms, supply chain tracking, performance brenchmarks, and assistive living technology
Won Namgoong
Research Interests: Mixed- signal integrated circuits, signal processing systems, communications
Dola Saha
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cloud RAN, Drone Communication, IoT, 5G and Beyond Wireless Communication, Coexistence of Networks, Localization
Daphney-Stavroula Zois
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Decision making under uncertainty, machine learning, detection and estimation theory, intelligent systems design, and signal processing