The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering faculty engage in a wide range of research activities.

Areas of Research

ECE groups research into broad electrical and computer engineering areas, though many projects span multiple areas both within and outside of electrical and computer engineering. Explore the different areas and faculty pages to find out more about the exciting research opportunities at UAlbany.


Signal Processing and Communications

Signal Processing and Communications: The study of signals, systems, and information processing. This area includes end-to-end transmission and reception of data; computer networking; signal estimation and detection; remote sensing; signal, image and video processing; pattern recognition; and machine learning.


faculty and student in signal and processing communications lab


Electronic Circuits and Systems

Electronic Circuits and Systems: The analysis, design, synthesis, and implementation of analog, digital, mixed-signal, and radio frequency (RF) circuits and systems. This area includes power systems and electronics, integrated electronics, and programmable hardware.


students in electronic circuits and systems lab


Control and Computing Systems

Control and Computing Systems: The analysis, design, and implementation of control systems and computing systems. This area includes computer hardware, software, and operating systems; computer architecture; parallel computing; robotics; embedded and reconfigurable computing; intelligent systems; and linear and non-linear control.


ece professor and student conducting robotics research in lab