About EAP

How Can EAP Help?

We all have moments in our lives when problems and concerns arise. Sometimes these issues can begin to interfere with our home life, job performance and relationships with our co-workers. We begin to realize that our sense of overall well-being is affected. Whether it's a personal issue, professional issue or a combination thereof, EAP offers employees a free, confidential place to turn to for support. The EAP Coordinator is there to listen, assess, and offer suggestions for resources in the community which can assist you with the needs that you have. 

Who Can Use EAP?

All University and Research Foundation employees, their immediate family members, retirees of UAlbany and members of GSEU are eligible to use the EAP referral service and to attend EAP-sponsored wellness programs.  

How is a Referral Made?

Employees or any of those individuals eligible to use UAlbany's EAP can call or email the EAP Coordinator directly to set up an appointment to meet.  Supervisors, colleagues, friends, family members, union representatives and human resource department officials may suggest the program to an individual. The program is a confidential and voluntary service.  It is entirely up to the individual to reach out to EAP and to use its services.

What is the Role of the EAP Coordinator?

UAlbany's Employee Assistance Program Coordinator is a trained counseling professional who can listen, support, and provide you with the resources and assistance that you need. The EAP Coordinator receives ongoing training from the New York State Employee Assistance Program. She strives to keep current with community resources, oversees the EAP office and library, and coordinates wellness programs throughout the year designed to provide employees with opportunities for personal growth and development. The University at Albany's EAP Coordinator serves as the employees' link to health and well-being.