Communication Faculty
Rukhsana Ahmed
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Teresa Harrison
Professor; Collins Fellow Affiliated Faculty Member, Informatics PhD Program; Faculty Fellow, Center for Technology in Government
Archana Krishnan
Assistant Professor, BA/MA Program Coordinator
Alyssa Morey
Associate Professor, Honors Program Coordinator
Masahiro Yamamoto
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Fan Yang
Assistant Professor
Alan Zemel
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Affiliated Communication Faculty
Istvan Kecskes
Distinguished Professor
Part-Time Communication Faculty

Victoria Barbeisch-Gerlach, [email protected]

Susan Burnett, SS 336, [email protected]

Soyoen Cho, SS 340, [email protected]

Mary Christiano, SS 330, [email protected]

Alissandra D’Aquanni, SS 340, [email protected]

Bryanna Hebenstreit, SS 328, [email protected]

Shirley Jin, SS 332, [email protected]

Lin Lin, SS 334, [email protected]

Yumeng Luo, SS 340, [email protected]

Stephen Madarasz, SS 330, [email protected]

David Mamorella, LC 27, [email protected]

Erting Sa, SS 334, [email protected]

James Snack, SS 338, [email protected]

Yufeng Tian, SS 336, [email protected]

Virginia Yonkers, SS 338, [email protected]

Journalism Faculty
Part-Time Journalism Faculty

Rosemary Armao, SS 356, [email protected]

Michael Hill, SS 358, [email protected]

Michael Huber, SS 356, [email protected]

C.J. Hughes Jr., [email protected]  

Barbara Lombardo, SS 362, [email protected]

Mark Marchand, SS 362, [email protected]

Holly McKenna, SS 362A, [email protected]

Ian Pickus, SS 362, [email protected]

Katherine Van Acker, SS 356, [email protected]

Jeffrey Wilkin, SS 358, [email protected]

Emeritus Faculty

Rosemary Armao
MA, The Ohio State University

Alan Chartock
PhD, New York University

BJ Fehr
PhD, University of Delaware

Kathleen E. Kendall
PhD, Indiana University

Anita Pomerantz
PhD, University of California

Robert E. Sanders
PhD, University of Iowa


M. Monica Bartoszek
Administrative Manager

Lindsey St. Clair
Academic Advisor

Administrative Assistant